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AFP Air Tech LTD are specialists in providing Air Pressure Ventilation products and Blast Relief Venting. As well as Gas and Smoke Extraction and Venting Systems. We manufacture and supply a large range of products. Plus offer services like Price match guarantee on like for like products. And even offer Next day delivery to most locations within the UK!

Research and Development

Our commitment to the safe development of this market is important to us. We continue to develop new testing protocols and standards for our products and their markets. We are research and development leaders in the field of pressure relief for building and compartment over pressurisation. A large proportion of our resources goes into studying and live testing. Looking at different issues that can arise from sudden pressure rises in buildings. Whether they have a gas suppression system fitted or are housing a switchgear unit.


AFP Air Tech Ltd designed the test protocol for testing blast vents for gas suppression systems. And we are the only company to have BRE verified certification for their use. This includes the only way to verify the free vent area of a pressure vent correctly. There is a permanent blast simulator research and testing facility on site. It has its own FM200 and Novec suppression system fitted. In addition to a switchgear fault blast unit. Our motto is “if we don’t know the answer, we will build a test rig to find out”.

To help with guidance we have conducted live test studies for cascade venting for gas suppression systems and supplied our data to the FIA. In the future we will be carrying out further, more in depth studies on the subject. As well as creating guidance on pressure venting through ducts with more live testing. Currently we are the only company conducting such testing. Furthermore, we are the only company who manufactures a EI60 fire insulated pressure vent for the European market.


With 25 years of experience behind us and staff trained to meet all challenges. Hence why we can confidently supply and manufacture every product to standards that will exceed your requirements. Providing prices that are within your budget. We talk to you to find out what you need. So we can then supply your exact specifications in the time that you need.

Our Products

Our products are carefully manufactured to the highest standards and specifications. Because of this, our products are market ready for the United Kingdom, European Union, America and Middle East. The global and national markets for our unique ranges of pressure relief vents, fire dampers and gas extract systems are policy-driven. As a result of local and governmental initiatives designed to protect people, structures and the environment.

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